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TEAMS Uganda

Martin Atkinson has been involved in pro bono work for The East African Missionary Society for many years. Primarily via whilst at Haskoll but also in his own time and currently by continuing in collaboration with his former employer. The Education Block was completed in 2015 and a new catering block is planned for 2018. All of the buildings are simply designed to enable them to be largely self-built using local unskilled labour and local materials. As well as a masterplan, other buildings yet to be realised include a pastor's house, accommodation blocks as well as further education buildings as funds become available. For further details please click here & Haskoll's homepage here.

TEAMS Gulu Uganda 1
TEAMS Gulu Uganda 2
TEAMS Gulu Uganda 3
TEAMS Gulu Uganda 4
TEAMS Gulu Uganda 5
TEAMS Gulu Uganda 6
TEAMS Gulu Uganda 7
TEAMS Gulu Uganda 8
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